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- - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2010-05-24 10:31
Godload is going to be getting a revamp over the next week or so (aiming to have the changes in for June 1st).

The revamp will include some pricing changes as well as the obvious stat changes.
NOTE: The only item which will not be price edited for June 1 is the Sheldon's Backpack so as to not make everyone's inventory management miserable. ;)

In short, if you're worried about losing platinum by having your GL prices lowered, you should sell it back BEFORE June 1st.

Finally, if you have suggestions for specific pieces that you'd like to see edited (whether it's: "item X doesn't do enough Y" or specific stat suggestions), you can EMAIL them to by BEFORE June 1 (

Parent - - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2010-05-31 08:30
Follow up regarding Godload updates.

The final launch of revised Godload is going to be delayed a few days for 3 reasons:

1) My wife was sick over the weekend (she's fine now, nothing serious) and that tied up things substantially.

2) I received a ton of feedback from people with ideas about how to modify GL that I'd like to further incorporate better.
   (Shout out to Laikos and the other people who provided feedback -- didn't expect such a good response.)

3) I want to discuss the stats of a couple items with a few people before they go live to determine OP'ed vs UP'ed.

I realize this causes a hassle with the potential for prices to drop and people to lose plats in the interim, but this should all get sorted out in the next couple days and you can expect many of the prices to drop.  Again, the only item which will NOT get edited at this time is the Sheldon Backpack as to not make inventory management a brutal experience for everyone.

One the GL changes go in, we'll announce our Summer Donations Special as a follow up thanks for the patience.

Again, sorry for the holdup, but barring an unforseen holdup, the changes will be in this week.

Parent - - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2010-06-01 16:23
As per the news item.
The changes are ready to go in and will be live within the next 48 hours.

IMPORTANT: there are SIGNIFICANT price drops almost accross the board so make SURE you sell back your Godload NOW to avoid losing out when the value of your items drops.
We will NOT be reimbursing for lost items, so tell your friends and family to log in and sort it out ASAP!

Parent - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2010-06-04 08:41
Forgot to update this post.

The godload changes are in as of June 2nd -- more or less actually on schedule (I'm as surprised as the rest of you.) :P

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