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- By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2009-01-13 22:03 Edited 2009-01-13 22:08
As per the news in game, there has been a massive overhaul and update to the realms of Dark Castle.

The world is now divided into a series of continents that include the following:
  * Main Continent (Sorpigal)
    (to be named later via player vote)
  * The Diamond Isle (New Thalos)
  * Kyu Shi'i Kaze (Far Reach)
  * Occoran
  * The Underdark

- As noted above, three of these continents have a hometown with safe rooms, guilds, and a consignment house.
- Due to the ongoing changes from these powerful magics, the continents have not yet settled and can thus be traversed freely, both by magical and non-magical means.  This may not always be the case in the future.
- In addition, numerous BRAND NEW areas have been installed.

A tremendous debt of thanks is owed to Sergio for coordinating this massive remapping of the world and writing the new areas.

Special thanks as well to Petra for the new Na'lleadra (Drow) and Underdark edits.

Details are as follows:


Existing areas relocated to The Diamond Isle:
- the Seaport of Sanderling
- the Crystal Keep and Dungeons
- the Kingdom of Thelia
- the Ruined Kingdom of Damar
- zykeia
- Everwinter
- the Sun's Anvil Desert and adjoining areas
  (New Thalos, Rainbow's Edge, Phryaz, Vhryllian Cleft, etc.)

Existing areas relocated to Kyu Shi'i Kaze
- the Shaolin Monastery
- the Templar Catacombs

Existing areas that have moved within the Main Continent:
- the Tower of High Sorcery
- the trail to Mintia
- the Castle of Light and The Castle of Dark
- St. Colin's Monastery
- the Valley of the Hill Giants and adjoining areas
  (Harpies, the City of the Cloud Giants, Circle of Five)

Existing areas relocated to Occoran:
- The Qritcil Clutch
- Kryzhtyn's Rock and the Blight

Existing areas relocated to The Underdark
- Meresis Lake
- the Troglodyte Caverns
- Shyntoa's Diary of the Daine


Areas for Everybody:
- the Outpost of Far Reach
- the Guilds of Far Reach

New Transition Areas (Veteran Level) in Kyu Shi'i Kaze:
- the Drearwood
- the Scab of Kyu Shi'i Kaze

New Transition Areas (Novice Level) in Kyu Shi'i Kaze:
- the Nysdawn Forest

New suicidal Level Areas:
- the Port of Highgarden
- Na'llaedra

Again, this would have been nearly impossible without the efforts of all the amazing Immortal staff we have working on Dark Castle.  Kudos to all!

Up Topic Dark Castle Official News & Updates / Town Crier / The New World of Dark Castle!

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