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- - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2008-07-03 15:13 Edited 2008-08-18 11:53
Greetings all!

The DC Football 2008 pool is now open for registration!

There are 16 spots available, though several are currently reserved for returning managers who were ACTIVE and REGULAR participants last year.

The rules and positions have changed slightly to accomodate more potential players.

If you are listed below with a (reserved) tag beside your name, email me ASAP to indicate your return interest or your spot will be opened to the next interested party.

If you are interested in joining this year, email Apocalypse with your interest but ONLY if you meet the following criteria:
a) You know NFL football.
b) You understand the concept of Fantasy Football.
c) You are prepared to regularly maintain your team throughout the season regardless of your record.

Remember, every win no matter where you are in the standings earns you prizes!

IMPORTANT: when you contact me to return and/or join the league, indicate which email address I should send the league invitation to as this will be your league email throughout the season.

Apoc's Email: <or>

The current teams and/or available spots are as follows:

1) Apoc's Zap Attack (w00t!) - signed up
2) Mojo (confirmed) - signed up
3) Mace (confirmed) - signed up
4) Harlem (confirmed) - signed up
5) Brannoc (confirmed) - signed up
6) Elric (confirmed) - signed up
7) Golobulous (confirmed) - signed up
8) Job (confirmed) - signed up
9) Alekto (confirmed) - signed up
10) Enoch (confirmed) - signed up
11) Gargamel (confirmed) - signed up
12) Drnemke (confirmed) - signed up
13) Cereal (confirmed) - signed up
14) Maharani (confirmed) - signed up
15) Avantasia (confirmed) - signed up
16) Radio (confirmed) - signed up

Thanks and good luck!

Edit: All full as of July 24! - Apoc
Parent - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2008-08-18 11:53
This pool is all full, but you can still join the Dark Castle "Pick'em" pool -- up to 50 players allowed.

Up Topic Dark Castle Official News & Updates / Town Crier / FULL: Dark Castle Fantasy Football 2008!

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